AI translation provider DeepL launches service in 25 additional markets

by I. Melaschuk (comments: 0)

DeepL has announced a major expansion of its subscription service DeepL Pro and is now available in 25 additional markets, including Argentina, India, Colombia, Morocco, Turkey and Vietnam.

International brand communication

The subscription offers high-quality text translation, higher document translation limits, high data security and customisation options for consistent brand communication. DeepL even takes industry-specific terminology into account to enable precise specialised communication.

The introduction of DeepL Pro in new markets can open up new business opportunities for many companies.

Focus on data security

Security and quality mean that the B2B solutions from DeepL take centre stage. The texts are processed on the company's servers at DeepL and deleted immediately after translation. This ensures that no information is passed on to external parties or used as training material for artificial intelligence.

Companies can also use the DeepL API to quickly translate their websites, apps and products.

Quelle: DeepL SE


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