Market overview Web-to-Publish 2022: Focus on integration capability

by I. Melaschuk (comments: 0)

Market overview Web-to-Publish 2022

In the interactive market overviews Web-to-Publish in the expert portal, providers, systems and services around marketing and communication were updated again at the beginning of the year. New filter criteria for integration options were provided in the market overview for systems.

In the Web-to-Publish market overview, interested parties can find orientation when searching for systems and services in the areas of marketing, product communication and cross-media. Users can filter providers, systems and services without registering, and the standardized form of the service description allows good comparison options.

Integration capability is becoming increasingly important when designing systems that are to be built via best-of-breed or API-first, for example. But connectivity to partner systems is also important for integrated solutions.

The new filter criteria in the "Integration" section of the System Market Overview are as follows:

  • Standard API
    Integration takes place by means of a standardized application programming interface (API), which is documented and can be configured by partners for system connection.
  • Connektor, Plugin
    A connector specializes in connecting defined systems and can also be available as a plug-in. A plug-in is an additional tool for a specific application program that extends functionality or enables data exchange.
  • Converter
    Converters enable the conversion of data for import or export.
  • Data hub
    In a data hub, data from various internal or external data sources is brought together, prepared, made available or routed out via standard interfaces.

The market overview information is linked in a variety of ways on the expert portal, for example via news, specialist articles or in the "Crossmedia Book", the 5th edition of which will be published in June 2022.

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