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Updated on: 2020-01-16

System description Elvis DAM

Elvis DAM (Digital Asset Management) links a convenient user interface with outstanding performance. Familiar concepts, such as a search function similar to Google, full screen preview and drag-and-drop simplify management and research.

The high-performance search engine by Elvis DAM delivers results in a flash – no matter how extensive the files are. User-friendliness, openness, scalability and flexibility, as well as easy installation and administration make Elvis DAM a winner. It facilitates smart content management, easy searches, and quick discovery through full-screen preview. The system uses the same search technology as Wikipedia.

An unlimited number of files and range of file types can be processed and indexed, search results are displayed within seconds, and the system is can be scaled up as desired. Thanks to the open API, the functional spectrum of Elvis DAM can be extended as required.

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Website, webshop
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