TV streaming platform, Connected-TV

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Media channel TV streaming platform, Connected-TV

TV streaming platforms are digital platforms that allow users to stream television content over the internet. These platforms offer viewers a variety of TV channels, series, films and live events that they can stream at any time on various devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers and smart TVs.
In a marketing context, they are important for sending advertising messages to potential customers. Companies use various advertising media such as video adverts or product placements for this purpose.
The most german providers include Joyn and RTL+, whose portfolios include a large number of private and public broadcasters as well as the media libraries of public broadcasters, which do not include advertising.
With Connected TV (CTV), all content, including video streaming, is only played on the TV set via Internet access. Internet access can be activated in the TV set itself (SmartTV) or via streaming boxes or games consoles.

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