5. edition: A holistic view of cross-media production

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Cross-Media Book Cover 5. edition 2022
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Since 2014, the specialist book "Web-to-Publish | Web-to-Media: Ways of cross-media media production", called "The Crossmedia Book", has been published regularly. Now the fifth updated edition has been published by the consultancy Melaschuk-Medien.

Comprehensive view of the topic

In the book, author and editor Ira Melaschuk and other expert authors and organizations take a holistic view of cross-media production: from trends and requirements, technical set-up and IT infrastructures, areas of application, data and target group management to communication channels. The topics also include both print and digital media.

New: Ecosystem Marketing and Communication

The book has been completely updated for the new edition and many new contents have been added. This includes the chapter on the "Ecosystem Marketing and Communication" - a newly developed method by Melaschuk-Medien. The ecosystem helps companies and technology providers to define their own requirements and strategies more clearly and to position themselves correctly within a complex system landscape.

Realization in practice

In the " Practice and Solutions" chapter, articles describe the practical use of marketing and communication solutions in the companies sheego, HUK-COBURG, IVECO, HELLMUT RUCK, Heise Medien, WAGO, Tank & Rast, SPITZKE and Fegime.

Experts and supporters

Respected experts supplement the book with valuable technical contributions and 17 supporters, including universities, associations, organizations, and multipliers, are helping to distribute it. A special edition will be issued by Messe Düsseldorf at drupa 2024.

The target audience for the reference book is project managers and employees from companies, publishing houses, agencies and media houses who are given knowledge for the conception and implementation of digitization and media projects.

Forms of distribution and sources of supply

The cross-media book is produced in a print edition and in digital versions as PDF and e-paper.

All sources of supply can be found here:

www.cross-media-buch.de (German)

www.cross-media-book.com (English)

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