Bitkom: Artificial intelligence drives demand among IT project service providers

by Alexandra Oettler (comments: 0)

The implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) increases the demand for external specialists. According to the Digital Association, four out of ten large companies commission Bitkom to provide IT project services for their AI projects.

External specialists

When artificial intelligence (AI) is used, business often relies on external specialists.

  • Four out of ten large companies (44 percent) that are already working on AI projects commission or at least discuss IT project service providers.
  • The vast majority expect this trend to continue. 95 percent of large companies say that the demand for IT service companies and IT freelancers in connection with AI applications will increase in the next one to two years.
  • External project service providers - i.e. IT service providers and freelancers - are becoming increasingly important in order to guarantee smooth processes and efficient implementation of IT projects.

Etengo Project Market Index

One indicator of the importance of IT freelancers and IT service providers is the new Etengo project market index, which was determined for the first time in this survey.

  • The index value includes the currently determined work shares of the IT project service providers as well as the companies' assessment of their future significance.
  • The Etengo Project Market Index sets the first mark at 44.

The EPX results report is available via the link to the source (in German).

Source: Bitkom e.V.



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