Hootsuite: Social Media Marketing Trends for 2023

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Hootsuite Social Trends Report
Hootsuite study: majority of younger users use social media as a source of information when it comes to brands. Image: Hootsuite

When last year's Social Trends Report was published, pandemic restrictions were beginning to ease and markets were booming. Looking ahead to the coming year, the threat of recession, rising inflation, declining consumer spending, and downsizing across all major business sectors is causing a high level of uncertainty. Despite this gloomy outlook for the future, Hootsuite's report shows that there is also good news on the horizon.

Hootsuite Social Trends Report

The main trends for marketers, expected for the coming year:

  • Big brands are reducing their investment in influencer marketing, opening doors for smaller companies to hire creators at lower rates.
  • Marketers are acting more strategically and creating more creative content for fewer platforms.
  • With many platforms holding back on social commerce, it is losing traction. Marketers who have the patience to persevere, on the other hand, could gain new opportunities.
  • Social search optimization is becoming a critical factor for marketers.
  • The potential of chatbot applications is on the rise. Marketers should position themselves optimally for digital customer service.


Resources developed to support this report include:

  • Social Marketing: "Creator Contract Template for Small Businesses", the "Social Media Report Template" and the "Social Media Audit Template".
  • Social Commerce: "Getting Started with Social Commerce Guide" and the "Social Post SEO Checklist Template".
  • Social Customer Care: "Facebook Messenger for Customer Care Guide" and the "Essential Direct Messaging Replies Template".

Further information can be found via the link to the source.

Source: Hootsuite Inc. / ELEMENT C



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