IAB Tech Lab releases in-depth analysis of Google’s Privacy Sandbox

by I. Melaschuk (comments: 0)

IAB Tech Lab has released a comprehensive analysis highlighting the challenges faced by the industry in adopting Google's Privacy Sandbox.

Privacy Sandbox instead of third-party cookies

The analysis explores the implications of Google's plan to eliminate third-party cookie-based tracking from its Chrome browser and replace it with the Privacy Sandbox.

Remained challenges

The report identifies key issues, including limitations in achieving advertising objectives, brand safety concerns, implications for programmatic advertising, and lack of consideration for commercial requirements.

The analysis aims to foster a collective understanding within the industry and invites stakeholders to participate in a 45-day public comment period. The report emphasizes that substantial development and infrastructure investment costs will be required, and operational processes will need extensive reworking.

The Tech Lab welcomes feedback from the Chrome team and encourages industry participants to contribute their insights during the public comment period.

Source: IAB Technology Laboratory


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