International book market grows in 2023 despite crises

by I. Melaschuk (comments: 0)

Development of the top 5 countries in the global book market
Development of the top 5 countries in the global book market. Bild: GfK GmbH

The global book market recorded an increase in sales in 2023 despite many crises and challenges in most of the countries analysed.

The joint annual report by GfK Entertainment and Nielsen BookData shows that twelve of the 16 countries analysed recorded growth, particularly in Europe.

High growth rates in India and Mexico

The analysis is based on physical point-of-sale data for 2023 for Australia, Belgium (Flanders/Wallonia), Brazil, Colombia, France, Great Britain, India, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, South Africa and Switzerland.

France, the UK, Italy and Spain achieved positive results, while India and Mexico even recorded double-digit growth rates. Only Australia and New Zealand suffered a decline in sales.

Travel guide most in demand

Travel guides, health books and biographies such as Prince Harry's "Reserve" were particularly popular. Overall, the report shows a positive trend in the global book market for 2023.

Source: GfK GmbH


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