Interview with MEHRKANAL: Strategic partner for marketing

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Markus Plaum, managing director of MEHRKANAL
Markus Plaum, one of the three managing directors of MEHRKANAL GmbH. Image: MEHRKANAL

MEHRKANAL GmbH sees itself as a strategic partner for national and international brand-oriented companies with decentralized trading structures. In an interview with Melaschuk-Medien, Managing Director Markus Plaum explains the concrete implementation.

The many years of experience of MEHRKANAL have shown that the requirements in marketing have risen sharply. Marketing has become more complex, mainly due to the multitude of communication channels, digitisation and internationalisation.

Planning, performing and analyzing as a method

As an agile company, MEHRKANAL implements the so-called plan-perform-analysis method, which makes this complexity manageable and enables a holistic view of the customer's individual requirements. In this way, the entire process chain along performance increases can be achieved.

Software & Services complement each other

On the one hand, software, essentially a marketing management solution, and on the other hand, accompanying services are offered in order to optimize each individual process step.

Efficient project management with marketing planning

Web-based marketing planning is becoming increasingly important, both for central marketing and for sales partners. In many cases, a central planning tool replaces unclear Excel tables and mail communication - thus creating transparency and clarity for all project participants. Responsibilities are also clearly defined and relevant information made available.

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Editors: Ira Melaschuk – Melaschuk-Medien / Mehrkanal GmbH

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