Market overview Web-to-Publish 2021: Focus on cross­media marketing portals and services

by I. Melaschuk (comments: 0)

Signet market overview Web-to-Publish
The market overview Web-to-Publish 2021 for providers, systems and services has again been comprehensively updated by Melaschuk-Medien. Image: Melaschuk-Medien

The interactive market overview Web-to-Publish on the expert portal has been updated again and is available to users free of charge and without registration.

The solutions in the market overview Web-to-Publish Systems cover the following key areas (in parentheses: shares of total, n=137, german version):

  • Marketing portals (47 percent)
    Crossmedia marketing and advertising portals, web-to-print/publish platforms and print stores
  • Editorial systems (16 percent)
    Software for creating publisher and corporate publications, content management systems (CMS), technical editorial systems
  • Product Information Management, PIM (17 percent)
    PIM databases, software for automated publication creation (database publishing)
  • Media Asset Management, MAM (6 percent)
    Databases for Media Asset Management (MAM), Digital Asset Management (DAM)
  • Online editors (9 percent)
    Integrable editors for online creation and customization of print, digital publications or merchandise and promotional items

Service offerings are represented in the Web-to-Publish Services market overview in five areas. The highest shares (of total n=69, german version) are held by providers of support services with 91 percent and IT services  with 88 percent. This is followed by media production  with 78 percent. Marketing services are provided by 61 percent and fulfillment by 30 percent of providers.

Interested parties can research the market overviews indefinitely and filter areas of application and functions interactively.

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