Market overview Web-to-Publish 2023 for 10 years BEST-OF

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Market Overview Web-to-Publish 2023
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On our own account: The market overviews for providers, systems and services in the fields of marketing, product communication, publishing and cross-media are part of the expert portal Interested parties can filter systems or services interactively and find providers of system solutions that are based or have active sales in German-speaking countries.

Focuses in the market overview web-to-publish systems

  • Marketing portals, marketing automation, web-to-print/publish platforms
  • Editorial systems, digital experience platforms
  • Product information management, PIM databases, automation software
  • Digital Asset Management, DAM, Media Asset Management (MAM)
  • Online editors

Focuses in the market overview web-to-publish services

  • Marketing
  • IT
  • Media production
  • Fulfillment
  • Support

A unique selling point is the extensive networking of the market overviews with each other, with news and expert articles, and with the "Crossmedia Book“.

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