Market Overviews Web-to-Publish 2020 live

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Overview expert portal

The annual update of the market overview Web-to-Publish 2020 has been completed and the data is freely accessible – here on the platform of the expert portal

Interested persons can search and interactively filter for providers as well as web-based systems or services in the fields of marketing, product communication, publishing and cross-media.

Filter criteria for selection and overview of the feature range

In the market overview for web-to-publish systems there are filter criteria for areas of application, output products, media channels and features. In this way, users are also provided with an orientation regarding the possible performance spectrum of solutions and can better differentiate between them.

In the market overview web-to-publish services, website users will find partners who offer services in marketing, IT and system integration, media production, fulfillment or support.

The Provider info pool lists more than 300 providers linked to the respective systems or services, if they are represented in the market overviews.

More in-depth information

Thematic supplements to the market overviews are the Tech News about trends, events, new features or customer solutions from providers who are represented in one of the market overviews. A monthly tech newsletter summarizes the news of the previous month. Further in-depth information is available in the Market and Knowledge categories, such as trend reports, tech portraits or technical terms.

The web-to-publish market overview has already been awarded the IT Innovation Prize of the Initiative Mittelstand seven times in a row, the last time in 2019, because of its high benefits especially for small and medium-sized businesses.

To the market overviews web-to-publish:

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