Media planning with the "Multichannel Marketing Guide"

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Multichannel Marketing Guide overview graphic
Multichannel Marketing Guide overview graphic. © Melaschuk-Medien

The selection of suitable media channels and touchpoints is crucial for the marketing and communication of companies. The "Multichannel Marketing Guide" from Melaschuk-Medien offers a comprehensive solution for planning successful multichannel and omnichannel marketing strategies based on an AI-based expert system.

Practical instructions

In order to support the practical application of the Multichannel Marketing Guide, a technical article was created that explains the structure and mode of operation and shows specific branch use cases.

Filter options

With the help of the guide, marketers can apply targeted filter options, which are explained in the article:

  • Booking options
  • Media segment
  • Media type
  • Target group
  • Marketing objective
  • Customer Journey
  • Ad media, communication medium

The "Multichannel Marketing Guide" offers comprehensive orientation for the planning of media channels, touchpoints and content in marketing and helps to successfully implement multichannel marketing strategies.

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