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Multichannel Marketing Guide + Aktualisierung der Marktübersichten Web-to-Publish 2024

On our own behalf: The update of the Web-to-Publish 2024 market overviews is in progress. System and service providers update their information in the market overview of web-to-publish systems and web-to-publish services. The "Multichannel Marketing Guide" has been recently published, which can be linked to the market overviews.

Orientation and transparency in the media market

In the past, it has become increasingly clear that the complex and non-transparent media market makes orientation difficult. This is due to the growing number of media channels and touchpoints on the one hand and the technological changes in this area on the other.

To remedy this situation, Melaschuk-Medien developed the "Multichannel Marketing Guide", which is based on the same interactive filter principle as the system and service market overviews.

A few highlights:

  • Comprehensive visualisation of over 70 media channels and touchpoints.
  • Basis for customer journey analyses.
  • Separate presentation of media channels and advertising materials, allowing content recycling to be analysed: "Which advertising material can be used in which media channels and touchpoints?".
  • Each media channel contains links to the media channels that are suitable for a campaign selection or that have a connection in terms of content.

Connection between systems, services and media channels

There are options for bidirectional linking between the entries in the Web-to-Publish market overviews and the media channels in the Multichannel Marketing Guide. Technology and service providers also have numerous opportunities to present themselves in the market overviews and in the Multichannel Marketing Guide.

I look forward to hearing from you (contact form).

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