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Multichannel Marketing Guide + Market overview Web-to-Publish 2024

On our own behalf: Melaschuk-Medien's Web-to-Publish market overviews have been updated and expanded to include the Multichannel Marketing Guide.

Provider, systems, services und media channels

These interactive overviews make it possible to select and filter providers, systems and services as well as media channels in the field of marketing and communication. The tools are free to use and require no registration or fees.

Interactively filter media channels and touchpoints

The new Multichannel Marketing Guide aims to provide clarity in the growing and confusing market of media channels and includes a comprehensive presentation of 75 media channels and touchpoints in the areas of digital, print and analogue.

It is used as the basis for customer journey analyses and enables the planning of content recycling by filtering over 70 content elements, advertising media or communication media.

The guide also supports campaign planning with lists of linked media channels for each touchpoint.

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Multichannel Marketing Guide

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