Cross-media publishing

The publishing of data for various output media, e.g. print, internet or mobile devices. In web-to-publish systems, templates are prepared for this and partially automatically filled with content.

Fields of application

Text or image data that are used in different variants in media channels, e.g. low or high image resolutions or text variants, are either stored multiple times or, if necessary, converted for the respective output medium.


Example: As a basis, image data are stored in RGB modus with 300 dpi resolution. For printing, the data are converted to CMYK data with 300 dpi, and for output on the internet in RGB data with 72 dpi.

Related terms

See also Multi-channel publishing.

Download for free of the textbook „Wege crossmedialer Medienproduktion“ on this website (in German):

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Data basis and output channels for cross-media publishing

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