Interfaces are connections between machines and software to realise data exchange. Web-to-print and web-to-publish systems or marketingportals can be standalone applicable or be extended by means of interfaces.

The interfaces can be implemented via API or via export and import functions between systems.

Interfaces require special adaptations, whose effort depends essentially on the existing experiences of the system providers, the openness and compatibility of the systems and the conception in advance.

Common applications

Order systems:
Interfaces to order systems, merchandise management systems, management information systems (MIS), enterprise resource planning systems (ERP).

Interfaces to database (e.g. Oracle, mySQL), media, product, website or text databases.

Pre-press and printing:
Interfaces to technical pre-press production systems, digital presses, JDF support.

Interfaces to various systems and services, e.g. payment system providers, image services providers, social networks.