Programmatic printing

Programmatic printing is a method for database-based, automated production and distribution of highly personalised (see also Hyperpersonalisation) or targeted print documents, such as mailings or catalogs. They can be used as mailings, addressed (dialog mail), partially addressed or unaddressed via household distribution. Catalogs usually reach recipients via direct delivery or as an insert in a parcel shipment.

Production is triggered by an occasion, such as a shopping cart abandonment or a booking.

Process flow

Print production takes place in digital printing and each page of a print document can be composed of different content and layout modules. The data comes from product, media or customer databases, such as addresses, item numbers, prices or images. Other data sources include merchandise management, booking and customer loyalty systems.

Examples of variable content

  • Recipient data
  • Products, texts and images matching the customer segment (age, gender, preferences, brand affinity), a booking or product recommendation
  • Texts and graphics, such as coupons and vouchers for promotions
  • Product recommendations
  • Information depending on the order method (postal, telephone, online)
  • Coupons or payment options depending on creditworthiness and payment behavior

Related production processes

Programmatic printing belongs to the automated print production processes, such as database publishing or dynamic publishing, whereby the personalisation and target group orientation is in the foreground with Programmatic Printing.

Programmatic Printing as part of marketing automation systems is used to output print mailings.