Addressable TV (ATV) refers to an innovative advertising option on linear television (as opposed to streaming offerings) where advertising messages can be targeted to specific households or audiences on an individual level. ATV is based on advanced technologies that allow ads to be customized in real time and personalise based on data.

ATV and Programmatic Advertising

ATV is a media channel within the programmatic advertising infrastructure. Programmatic advertising refers to the automated buying and selling of advertising inventory in real-time, using specialised ad servers. Programmatic advertising for ATV enables the dynamic display of ads on an individual basis within linear television programming, based on data about user interests, location information and demographic characteristics.

Benefits of ATV for advertisers

ATV offers advertisers several benefits:

  • Target groups are addressed more precisely.
  • Personalized messages are delivered.
  • Higher engagement and conversion rates.
  • Increased efficiency of ad spend, as ads are served only to relevant audiences.
  • Detailed analytics and reporting capabilities to measure and optimise campaign success.

Overall, ATV can help maximise advertising impact and reduce costs.