A CDP (Customer Data Platform) provides aggregated target group data in the areas of marketing and communication.

First-party data

At the center of a CDP is already known recipient data, the so-called first-party data, which usually comes from customer databases (English: Customer Relationship Management, CRM) and can be enriched with further real-time usage data, such as Web analysis, and data sources.

Different data sources

Zero, first, second and third party data as well as ID solutions or geotargeting are used. The combination with product data and prediction data from web store recommendation engines also enables the contextualization and target group-specific output of personalized websites or print products for one-to-one communication.


The customer data platform is a data basis that cannot be used stand-alone, but must be connected to other systems, such as content management systems (CMS) or advertising material portals. This requires documented interfaces (APIs, Application Programming Interfaces).

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