Customer journey

The customer journey describes the path a consumer takes before deciding on a target action, such as the purchase of a product.

The most diverse contact points (touch points) of a brand or company with which the customer comes into contact on his "journey" are decisive for the purchase. Touch points of this kind include all advertising measures in the online and offline areas or locations (e.g. a retail store). See also media channel.

Decision-making phases

During the customer-journey the consumer goes through several phases. In the first phase of awareness an impulse arises, triggered by advertising measures such as a poster, an advertisement or a newsletter. In the second phase of advantageousness, the customer intuitively evaluates the offer as positive, which takes him directly to the third phase, under consideration. The customer is toying with the idea of buying the product, which leads to the phase of the purchase intention up to the conversion, i.e. the purchase of the product. In the final phase, the customer proves his loyalty to the brand through recommendation based on a smooth purchase process.

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