Digital marketing

Digital marketing includes the planning and conceptual design for digital and online communication. Additional fields of activity include market research and media monitoring, media planning and booking, address management.

Digital marketing software

Software solutions for digital marketing include the flow of advertising campaigns from planning, media production, media output and control to evaluation, success monitoring and the (automatic) triggering of follow-up measures.

Media production focuses on personalisation in the digital media channels. Through networking, users can be directed from one medium to another between the individual advertising channels; with the aim of triggering specific actions (e.g. SMS with coupon code for redemption in an e-shop).

Media and communication fields

The media and communication fields include digital media and online marketing as well as corporate design implementation including SMS and e-mail marketing, newsletters, social media, online PR, online banners, search engine advertising (SEA), mobile advertising, apps, websites, e-shops and e-commerce, affiliate marketing, digital signage (POS TV). Search engine optimisation, web analytics or social media monitoring fall under controlling.