E-commerce stands for electronic trade and includes purchasing systems, electronic marketplaces, e-procurement, the electronic, internet-based procurement of products and e-shops. Purchasing is carried out from selected suppliers with the aid of electronic product catalogues.

E-shops are used to establish online sales channels for the target groups of business customers, private customers and end consumers.


Powerful e-commerce platforms already bring comprehensive options for search engine optimization, marketing support, payment methods and shipping services. There is a large number of small and large standard and open-source solutions (e.g., Magento) that can be connected via interface or are already integrated within marketing and publishing systems.

Trends in e-commerce are target group-specific and individualized products, which are realized by means of product configurators and online editors.

Related Terms

Web-to-print and web-to-publish systems perform e-commerce functions. E-Commerce is a part of e-business.