Marketing automation

Marketing Automation generally describes the automation of processes in marketing by means of software solutions.

Marketing Automation as a software category

Marketing Automation as a software category includes systems that can create and output multiple media channels based on different data sources and databases in a synchronized manner. The data basis includes, in particular, recipient and contact data in order to be able to personalize the advertising material portals. Other functions include real-time reporting and controlling.

Typical media channels in marketing automation systems

Common media channels include digital advertising material portals, such as ads, social media, websites, landing pages, mobile, email newsletters, and print mailings (see also Programmatic printing).

Advertising material portals can consist of variable content, matched to audience segments or one-to-one Personalization. This variable content can be recipient data, URLs, images, Moving images, QR codes, geo data, product or media data.

Advertising campaigns as a closed loop

In marketing automation systems, campaigns are usually defined that include various advertising measures that are coordinated and linked to each other. The link is established, for example, by linking in a newsletter to a landing page.

The advertising campaigns in a marketing automation system are ideally designed as a cycle: From planning, execution to evaluation, with campaign results feeding back into the data basis.

Examples for campaigns

  • New customer acquisition and regular customer care
  • Increase of sales
  • Acquisition of event participants
Marketing automation campaign flow as a loop
Marketing automation campaign flow as a loop. © Melaschuk-Medien