Marketing portal

A marketing portal is a web-based application which is set up and provided based on internet technologies for company in-house user groups (among other, dealers, branches, agencies). The portal is usually accessed via the intranet. User's rights are usually role-based (e.g. "customer" or "administrator") and configurable.

Portal offer

Corporate design (CD)-compliant template-based advertising materials such as flyers, ads, but also videos and business documents such as business cards or letter heads are made available for download in the portal and can be customised. The media channels are both printed and digital. Trade and promotional articles such as e.g. pens can also be ordered.

Process optimisation

After a preview check or an in-house release process the order is triggered. Via interfaces or workflows in the portal, administrative and commercial processes can be centralised and automated.


A marketing portal can fulfil many goals which are defined within the framework of marketing management. Web-to-print and web-to-publish systems can functionally correspond to a marketing portal.

Strukture of a marketing portal with system modules, advertising material and user groups
Click to enlarge – Structure of a marketing portal © Melaschuk-Medien