Media production

Media production can include the following areas.

Consultancy and conceptual design

Analysis, consultancy and conceptual design of media production for printed (Print) and digital advertising materials and communication solutions.

Project management

Planning, steering, coordination and control for the realisation of media productions for printed and digital communication media. Project management also includes quality management tasks.

3D visualisation

Capture, creation and processing of real or digital 3D objects by means of special software and devices based on CAD or image data. Methods include, among other, 3D print or Computer Generated Imagery (CGI).

Audio creation

Sound recording and design for radio or video films.

Digital printing

Digital printing for small and large format print products as well as personalised printed matter, such as e.g. mailings.

Photography / imaging

Internal and external image capturing, image processing including the media-specific post-processing of images for print or digital media or media-neutral provision.

Graphic design

Design (corporate design-compliant) and media-specific implementation of content for print and digital media. The common process of final artwork, i.e. the final creation of a printable file, is included here. Also included is the creation of basic documents for templates, which are further prepared for use in web-to-publish portals (see point "Template creation").


Creation and media-specific processing of e.g. drawings, icons, maps, floor plans, animated films, surface designs, infographics.


Creation of texts for print and digital media.

Video film creation

Recording of multimedia moving pictures including sound (audio), texts or images and editing of the film material through video editing, digital image editing and soundtrack. See also moving images.

Template creation

Template creation for customisation or personalisation in web-to-print and web-to-publish portals. The basis for this is usually a layout document (e.g. PDF, InDesign), which is extended by system-specific control functions or linked to the system-internal rights management.

Web/app design

Design (corporate design-compliant) and media-specific implementation of web applications and non-browser-based applications (e.g. mobile apps).