Multi-channel publishing

Multi-channel publishing is about the creation of one or more media channels or distribution in touch points. Further differentiations include whether the individual media channels are published each alone with all components (as a "silo"), possibly based on a uniform database (standardisation) or have additional connections to one another (networking).

Connection of media channels and touch points

When using the terms "Omni-channel", "Cross-Channel", or "Cross-Media", (cross-media-publishing), the intention is to express that the individual media channels are related.

Case examples

Depending on the perspective, the concrete characteristics are different. For example, in retail, this can mean the organisational and technical connection between the stationary shops can webshops.

However, in the publishing sector it is about the largely content-identical production of publications in print, e-book and apps, whereby multi-medial elements can be added in the digital media. In product marketing, for example, it is about the linking of an online ad to a landing page.