Software interface

Software interfaces realize the communication between systems by means of rules in the area of data and functions.

Types of software interfaces

  • Export and import
  • Hotfolder (monitored directories)
  • Web service or cloud service
  • Connectors or plug-ins
  • API (Application Programming Interface), REST API
  • API-first
  • Data hub
  • Headless concept
  • Best-of-Breed and Microservices

Delimitation of the methods

The interfaces can be delimited or differentiated from each other by the following parameters:

  • Transfer of data or even commands
  • Processes manual, semi-automatic or automatic
  • 1:1, 1:n or n:n system connections (with or without system binding)

Examples and requirements

Typical interfaces are the connection to databases or in larger companies the connection to ERP systems, such as SAP. Interfaces require special adaptations, the effort of which essentially depends on the existing experience of the system providers, the openness and compatibility of the systems and the conception in advance.